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The Yellow Monkey Official Fan Club BELIEVER. is a service that lets you enjoy a variety of content from The Yellow Monkey.

For payment, you can choose from the [Annual Membership Fee Course] and the [Monthly Membership Fee Course].

Annual Membership Fee Course

Annual membership fee4,800 JPY (plus tax)
Payment Methodscredit card/China UnionPay/PayPal

Monthly Membership Fee Course

Monthly membership fee400 JPY (plus tax)
Payment MethodsCredit cards are accepted

System Requirements

Supported Devices
● PCs and smartphones only
* Feature phones and tablet devices are not supported.
Supported OS and Browsers
● OS
• iOS: iOS5.0 and above
• Android: 2.3 and above
• Windows: Windows 7 and above
• Mac OS X: OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above
● Browser
• iOS: latest version of Safari
• Android: latest version of the Android Browser or Chrome
• Windows: latest version of Firefox or Chrome
• Mac OS X: latest version of Safari or Chrome

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